Geneous project starts its phase 2

MI ADN México is the first company with a focus on the democratization of genetic analysis services in Mexico and Latin America, in just two years they have managed to generate a great impact in the commercialization of genomic services, certification and training of health professionals in Mexico and Latin America

The geneous project in phase 2 seeks the generation and validation of new biopanels applicable to massive sequencing platforms for the diagnosis and treatment of low cost skin aging and sports performance.

Thanks to its growth and development, Mi ADN México has participated for the second year in a row in the innovation incentive program of CONACyT, receiving the budget for the development of research projects linked to different educational institutions.

Phase 1:

  • Development of variant search algorithms
  • Power and resistance response
  • Development of variants interpretation algorithms

Phase 2:

  • Development of platforms for automated reports
  • Advice and collaboration with cinvestav and stanford elite group
  • Genome sequencing of 20 elite athletes
  • Genotyping of 300 athletes and 200 controls
  • Analysis of crossed variants
  • Analysis of de novo identified variants

The objectives and impact of the project allows to:

Identify sports performance traits:

In developing the first GWAS study (full genome association study) in Latin America that seeks to identify particular features of athletic performance in Mexican athletes linked to ancestry variants.

Impact Athletes:

Through the information obtained, it will be possible to generate new training programs for Mexican athletes; increasing your competitiveness by identifying qualities of endurance vs power.

Impact Population:

Identify training methodologies that allows to impact on population physical activation and in the medium term to reduce the costs of such studies in Latin America to obtain more information from the population.

For more information visit the site https://miadnmexico.com/geneous/

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  1. Something wonderful to know who and where you are from and especially preventive since it would be the basis to prevent diseases and / or defects to develop an achievement

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