What else can I know about my genome?

The genetic information contained in the genome can be informative of many more aspects besides ancestry, which contribute to each person being unique. For example, it is possible to evaluate the risk to certain diseases or traits of biomedical and functional importance. Since each individual carries a specific combination of thousands of genetic variants that determine the propensity or protection of certain medical conditions, it is important to know which ones determine the profile of oneself. We are working to offer you results of biomedical relevance in your genetic analysis report without requiring a new DNA sample. We will keep you informed of our progress.

Behind of...

Behind the genetic test of SOMOS is a team of experts in genomics of human populations with wide international recognition ...

Genetic 101

The genome is the set of genetic material that we inherited from our parents and is usually analyzed in three areas because each one tells us complementary stories about the ancestors of a person ...

How does it work

It all starts in the cells that can be recovered from your saliva sample and that contain your genetic information. The first step of our analysis is to extract and isolate the DNA from your cells. The next step is to amplify the molecules...

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