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Behind the genetic test of SOMOS works a team of experts in genomics of human populations with wide international recognition, among them are collaborations with the department of genetics, as well as members of Bustamante's Lab of Stanford University.

The processing of the samples, DNA extraction and genotyping process is done through the Genomic Services unit of the National Laboratory of Genomics for Biodiversity (LANGEBIO) of CINVESTAV in Guanajuato (http://langebio.cinvestav.mx/labsergen/). This laboratory has one of the most modern facilities in Latin America, equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure for genotyping using the GSA (Global Screening Array) microarray technology of the Illumina brand.

Once your saliva sample is received in the laboratory, it is processed to obtain DNA molecules. This material is genotyped on the GSA microarray platform, which contains almost 700,000 SNPs. From these generated data, our team of experts in bioinformatics analyzes the hundreds of thousands of variants using computational methods to detail the ancestral composition of your genome.

To make this analysis, we built a reference panel with public genetic data of populations that represent genetic diversity at the continental level. Among them, we include indigenous populations of Latin America. As you know, many of the populations of Latin America are a mixture of the indigenous groups that inhabited this territory and of the individuals that came to this continent after 1492, in particular, of Europe and Africa.

En breve, tus datos de 700,000 SNPs se comparan con este panel y se calcula que porcentaje se deriva de cada región, en lo que definimos como «ancestría global». También determinamos estas proporciones en cada uno de tus 22 pares de cromosomas. Tus genotipos también incluyen información útil para determinar tus linajes materno y paterno, si eres hombre.

All of your personal and genetic information is supported and will be confidential. No one who is not you will have access to the results of your test.

Genetic 101

The genome is the set of genetic material that we inherited from our parents and is usually analyzed in three areas, each one tell us complementary stories about the ancestors of a person ...


Genetic information contained in the genome can tell us so much more aspects besides ancestry, which contribute to each person being unique. For example, it is possible to assess the risk to certain diseases or traits ...

How does it work

It all starts in the cells that can be recovered from your saliva sample and that contain your genetic information. The first step of our analysis is to extract and isolate the DNA from your cells. The next step is to amplify the molecules...

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