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When you buy the SOMOS test, you will receive a kit with all the necessary instructions to collect a sample of saliva, register the test online and send it by postal mail back to the laboratory for analysis

There is no risk related to the saliva sample and the rest of the test.

There is no age limit for carrying out the ancestry test.

The methods used to calculate the ancestry percentages are robust and have a minimum margin of error. However, the estimates are still approximations and are dependent on the reference panel in this analysis. Another factor that may affect the analysis is the quality of the saliva sample. For example, the presence of food or bacteria can reduce the amount and quality of DNA that can be extracted from the saliva sample.

There is no medical restriction.


At the moment you can not trace the existence of a relative on the SOMOS platform


The genetic ancestry test of SOMOS does not determine paternity.


Clear! This is one of the most original gifts you can give.


A person's DNA is obtained from the saliva sample that is sent to the laboratory.


If other members of your family take the sample of SOMOS you may know more about your paternal history, particularly if you are a woman. The analysis of paternal lineage can only be done in males so if your dad participates, you can know where his paternal ancestors come from.


Surnames are inherited at the same time as DNA in most cases.

Your sample will be received in the LANGEBIO Genomic Services area, where DNA extraction and generation of genotypes will be done. This information will live in the cloud and there the analyzes will be performed to determine your ancestry components.


The results of the SOMOS test will tell you how much of your genome looks like the genome of different populations around the world, as well as the origin of your maternal and paternal lineage.



A period of approximately two months is managed after having received your sample in the laboratory

We will send you an email as soon as your results are ready on the digital platform of SOMOS

Your results will be available on the SOMOS digital platform and you will be able to see them when you log in to the page

Yes, we will give you a specific breakdown of your Latin American ancestry.

Within the cells is the mitochondria, responsible for the generation of energy, and has its own genome. This genome determines your maternal lineage, since at the time of fertilization, the ovule is the only one that contributes said organelle, and is inherited from mothers to daughters and sons. We can identify mutations in mitochondrial DNA that allow us to trace the history of your maternal ancestors

The human genome is contained in 23 pairs of chromosomes. A pair of these chromosomes determines the sex of people: XX for women and XY for men. The Y chromosome allows us to trace through mutation the paternal lineage, which is only transmitted from parents to sons.

yes, different percentages depending on the degree of kinship.

Although the methods used to calculate these percentages of ancestry are robust and have a minimum margin of error, the estimates are still approximations and are dependent on the reference panel in this analysis. These percentages should not be interpreted as direct belonging to the populations used as references, since they only represent how much of your genome resembles the populations used in the analysis and does not imply that you have phenotypes or cultural characteristics of them. It is also possible that certain ancestries are underestimated given the recent relationship that exists between some of the populations of the reference panel. For example, the Jewish population has contributions from European populations and it is possible that the Jewish component is assigned as European.

The constant migrations of human beings have made us all share a bit of DNA.

No, these results reflect the contribution to your autosomes by both parents.


Your sample will be received in the LANGEBIO Genomic Services area, where DNA extraction and generation of genotypes will be done


Do not


GENETIC ROOTS, SA DE CV, known commercially as SOMOS, and the contractors and / or associates and / or employees and / or service providers and / or analysts and / or researchers and / or subsidiaries that it designates will have access to my genetic information unidentified and / or individualized, committing to the management of this in a manner consistent with our PRIVACY NOTICE.


When carrying out your test or study of genetic ancestry profile, the following information will be collected:

  •         PERSONNEL: This being the information that identifies a specific person or a person who can be identified (full name, age, sex, etc.)
  •         NOT IDENTIFIED AND / OR INDIVIDUALIZED: Being this, the genetic information obtained from the elaboration of my genetic profile and that has been stripped of my registration information (name and contact information) without my reasonable identification as an individual.

Your unidentified and / or individualized information may be used for any of the following purposes:

  • Scientific research and / or analytical research and / or scientific discoveries.
  • Inclusion in one or multiple databases with the following purposes: Scientific research, analytical research, scientific discoveries.
  • Transfer for the purpose of scientific research and / or analytical research and / or scientific discoveries.
  • Collection of additional data that may be obtained from my genetic profile for the purposes of: Scientific research, analytical research, scientific discoveries.
  • For research that will be published in scientific journals, or that are sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and other organizations.

Your genetic information is protected, for no reason will be shared with any third party, nor will any other test be carried out without your consent. In the same way, the sample sent to us will be destroyed once it was used. (for more information visit our privacy section)

You can visit our our privacy section at the bottom of our site and there you will get more information


WE ARE a test that determines the genetic ancestry of a person, with a particular emphasis on Latin American ancestry.

SOMOS uses microarray technology to genotype the markers of millions of people. These data are compared with genetic data from populations around the world, including 8 populations in Latin America, and percentages of ancestry are calculated.

WE CAN offer you to know the breakdown of your genetic ancestry, and does not offer any type of medical diagnosis.

With this DNA test, you can learn more about your origin and that of your most recent ancestors.

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