10 principales celebridades con ancestría latinoamericana

Top 10 celebrities with Latin American ancestry

As the years go by, the participation of artists has grown internationally,
singers, actors or foreign models, and among them are many who share their
Latino descent, whose peculiar family blends make them unique and different from the rest.

Selena Gomez
The singer and actress carries Latin blood in her veins as a daughter of Mexican parents.

Demi lovato
She was born in New Mexico and is the daughter of the Mexican Patrick Lovato.


Bruno Mars
The singer inherited his romanticism from a mixture of nationalities, including that of
Puerto Rico.


Bella Thorne
The Disney star has Cuban blood from his father.


Christina Aguilera
The father of the singer is of Ecuadorian nationality, hence his surname


Cameron Diaz
The blonde's father was Cuban.

Zoe Saldana
La protagonista de Avatar y que interpreta a «Gamora» en Guardines de la Galaxia» tiene padre dominicano y madre puertorriqueña.

Eva Longoria
The protagonist of desperate women has Mexican ancestry for her father.

Michelle Rodriguez
The actress of Fast & Furious was born in Texas although she is of Dominican descent and
Puerto Rican

Alexis Bledel
The Gilmore girl is from a Mexican mother and an Argentine father.

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